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FAQs » Placing Your Order

FAQs » Placing Your Order

  • What information do I need to place an order with www.visuaoptica.es?

    All you need to place an order for eyeglasses or contact lenses is your ranking. After graduation and you can save on your new glasses or contact lenses. For sunglasses just need to know the model you want to buy.

    Come to your nearest VISUAL SUR OPTICA, here a team of graduate optometrist will make you the vision and eye health review.

    Once you are our customer, we will give you some clues so we can buy online, so easy is to save on www.visualoptica.es

  • Are the products genuine?

    All our products are brand new items and original. We do not sell any product that is not original.

    Furthermore, both sunglasses and prescription eyewear come with your holster, original cloth and original guarantee certificate

  • What is the warranty on products in VISUAL SUR OPTICA?

    Sunglasses and prescription: 2 year warranty on frame breakage defect, 100% free. We use original spare parts. 2 years warranty on manufacturing defects of the lenses, the warranty does not cover scratches, tears, or improper handling. You must ship the glasses to our central warehouse and should be returned to your home with totally free shipping

    Contact Lenses: 100% free exchange of contact lenses to be defective.

  • How much do you delay in sending the products?

    Your order will be processed the same day of receipt. Products are shipped by express courier of 24/48 hours. Within approximately 5 to 6 days comfortably get your product to the address you provided us. We use TNT freight forwarders and Seur for the delivery of their products

  • Where do you ship the order?

    It is advisable that you indicate the address of the places where they spend more time as your workplace, you can also choose to pick up your product in your VISUAL SUR OPTICA and you can adjust and address of any incident immediately.

  • What should I do if my order is incorrect or arrives damaged?

    In www.visualoptica.es we have all means to prevent this from happening. But in the unlikely event that your product does not match what you ordered or are damaged during shipping, please contact us (on the "contact us" find the way to do it more comfortable you) to request replacement. We take care of everything so that as soon as possible to receive your order in your house in perfect condition.

    You can also go to your VISUAL SUR OPTICA and our team will resolve the incident quickly.

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