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Marc by Marc Jacobs (Sunglasses)

Marc by Marc Jacobs was established in 2001 and is the second designer brand is aimed at a younger and more affordable prices than the leading brand. After the great success in apparel and accessories by the brand Marc by Marc Jacobs, in 2005, created the line of glasses.

Sunglasses by Marc by Marc Jacobs kept the rebellious spirit of youth and its designer. It's a very American brand style much more relaxed than Europe, adapting perfectly to urban youth who like casual, contemporary style. Sunglasses by Marc by Marc Jacobs are perfect for fans seeking the latest trends that differ from the majority and they want specific details on your purchases. Among his followers are Victoria Beckham and Heidi Klum, celebrities who have been recognized by the international fashion experts for their style and elegance of dress in public appearances.

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