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  • Administration

    Manoli is responsible for managing Visual Optics. It is responsible for the numbers add up and so we can bring the best prices.

    Manoli Prado has a degree in Business and has extensive experience in advising companies within the scope of management and accounting. He has conducted many training courses that will provide more background in their specialty.

  • Informatics

    The technology of the company are in charge of our website is always available, up to date with all the products and there are no problems when you place your order and help you when browsing or purchasing on our website you find it difficult.

  • Logistics

    The logistics part is responsible for the orders they have placed in our online store arrive correctly, both in time and form. Once you make your order, logistically prepared with love and care to submit it as soon as possible, and arrive in perfect condition and you can really enjoy your purchase.

    Irene Diaz and Zamara bees are responsible for preparing the orders, both have extensive experience in optics, from their positions in Optics and Graduate Assistant, respectively. Are familiar with the technical characteristics of each product, which regularly holds courses, taught by both our suppliers and by other institutions, to recycle and increase their knowledge about each product. This training enables them to assess the correctness of each order and help clients choose the best product for each of the problems to solve.

  • Management and HR

    Responsible for all company departments function properly, be well greased and everything runs smoothly is Antonio Gonzalez. Bachelor of Pharmacy and graduated in Optics business concern led him to study an MBA and undertake the adventure of creating Visual Optics Group, one of the leading optical groups and strong over Andalusia.

  • Marketing

    The marketing department ensures that Google likes our website, to make you the best offers and promotions that will prepare great help save a eurillos.

    Ester Oliván is a graduate in Business Management and Administration and also has an MBA. He has worked in an advertising agency and as a marketing consultant, giving you extensive experience in the field of Marketing. He has also specialized courses in Marketing on-line, extending his knowledge in this area and applying their knowledge to the promotion of Visual Optics Group.

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